'Friends' Reimagined As A Horror Movie Is Actually Super Terrifying (Video)

You've never seen the "Friends" gang quite like this before (and after this video, trust me, you won't want to again).

An anonymous videographer for the WorldWideInterweb recently revisited the classic 90s sitcom, taking iconic scenes and rearranging them to create a bizarre and undeniably creepy evil twin version of the show.

Interestingly, very few of the spliced scenes are actually manipulated; rather, the creator used ominous music and lighting to alter the story told through the scenes.

I have to give the creator props for creativity. I've certainly never seen anything like this video before.

But, the laugh track -- not to mention the immediate association with the characters -- keeps "Dead Friends" from veering into legitimately creepy territory.

That said, it's worth the watch, if only for the (evil) laughs.

The completed short is just shy of two minutes long, so check it out below.

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