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On July 19, Flo Milli dropped her debut album, 'You Still Here, Ho?'

Flo Milli Released Her New Album Early, And It Features This Reality TV Icon

They both have the “vernacular.”

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It’s officially Flo Milli season. On July 20, the rapper surprised listeners with a sudden drop of her debut album, You Still Here, Ho? The long-awaited record was set to release on Friday, July 22, but the rapper had different plans. Milli decided to give listeners access to this banger of a project early, and I’m so thankful she did.

She initially teased the idea of releasing You Still Here, Ho? early on Twitter a day before she actually dropped the record. Alongside a photo of the album’s cover, which is a dreamy ode to Flavor Flav’s vintage VH1 hit, Flavor of Love, Milli tweeted, “F*ck Friday.. might just drop my album @ midnight presave in my bio.” True to her word, Milli released the project in the early morning of Wednesday, July 21.

The rapper has always had such a distinct vision for her projects. Her creativity took a front seat for this rollout, so much so that she called on the iconic meme queen Tiffany “New York” Pollard for an assist. The former reality star can be heard on the album’s intro and outro. Why? If you’ll recall, Tiffany first rose to fame on Flavor of Love.

Speaking about You Still Here, Ho? in a statement, Milli noted how nostalgia-fueled her creative vision for the record, per Consequence. “My album creative is based on early 2000’s nostalgia,” she said, including Flavor of Love. “As queen of Gen-Z, this is the new age of the Roaring 20s. As a woman and creative, I feel so empowered, full of energy and full of life.”

This album will definitely have you channeling your inner Flo Milli and feelin’ quite “Conceited.” Brush up on your You Still Here, Ho? knowledge with the details below.

Flo Milli’s You Still Here, Ho? Release Date

The album was released on July 20, 2022.

Flo Milli’s You Still Here, Ho? Album Cover

Dripped in several stunning shades of lavender, the cover finds the rapper embracing her inner Charm School, which is another iconic aughts-era VH1 series and a short-lived spin-off of Flavor of Love. Her fit on the cover is a purple-hued turtleneck paired with a knit dress, and it truly would likely make Charm School host Mo’Nique proud.

Tracklist For You Still Here, Ho?

Prior to hinting at the album’s early Wednesday release, Milli unveiled the tracklist for You Still Here, Ho? on Twitter. The graphic of the tracklist recalled a classic television guide. She cleverly structured her name as VH1’s early logo with the same vibrant color story as the legendary TV network.

The album is made up of 17 songs: 15 new tracks songs and her two 2021 singles “Roaring 20s” and “Ice Baby.” In addition to Tiffany, rappers Babyface Ray and Rico Nasty also feature on the album.

Here’s the full tracklist:

  1. “Intro: HBIC (Tiffany Pollard Speaks)”
  2. “Come Outside”
  3. “Bed Time”
  4. “Hottie (feat. Babyface Ray)”
  5. “Conceited”
  6. “PBC”
  7. “Pretty Girls”
  8. “Do It Better”
  9. “No Face”
  10. “On My Nerves”
  11. “Big Steppa”
  12. “Pay Day (feat. Rico Nasty)”
  13. “F N G M”
  14. “Tilted Halo”
  15. “Outro: I Love New York”
  16. “Roaring 20s” (Bonus Track)
  17. “Ice Baby” (Bonus Track)

Music Videos for Flo Milli’s You Still Here, Ho? Era

This invigorating era is brimmed with gorgeous visuals. Prior to the record’s release, Milli dropped a music video for four songs: “Roaring 20s,” “No Face,” “PBC,” and “Conceited.”

She delivered such iconic behavior in her first music video of this era, which was “Roaring 20s.” She dropped the music video on Feb. 4. Kicking it off with her signature ‘Flo Milli Sh*t’ tagline, the video showed the rapper flaunting her slick moves in a flapper-styled performance.

Milli definitely understood the assignment with the next drop. On Apr. 19, she tapped into her inner Top Model in a music video for her single, “PBC.” The track, which stands for “pretty, Black, cute,” is an incredible reminder that Milli was born for the stage. While boasting empowering lyrics, Milli vogued in several glorious looks, such as a black-and-white bodysuit with matching pumps and an abstract-cut green leather suit.

Like Milli rapped in the upbeat track, this music video is “giving everything it needs to give.”

On June 17, Milli dropped another music video. This time, it was for her pulsing track “Conceited.” In her signature high-pitched voice, Milli confidently rapped “Feeling myself, I’m conceited,” while gazing at six reflections of herself. The looks in this video are it.

Most recently, Milli dropped a music video for her single, “No Face” on July 20. In the video, the rapper and her crew take over a gas station. With baseball bats, bejeweled bodysuits, and lace masks on display, Milli delivered those cheeky lyrics with such hard-hitting energy. Honestly, the video brought the catchy tune to another level.

You Still Here, Ho? is a thrilling example of Milli doing what she knows best: lyrically flowing on any sound you throw her way. With those braggadocios lyrics and unfazed delivery on center stage, this album will stay on repeat for me all summer long.