Zookeepers Recreate Chris Pratt's 'Jurassic World' Pose Perfectly

In "Jurassic World," there's a scene in which Chris Pratt asserts his dominance over a group of raptors he has trained.

He has essentially positioned himself as the alpha male of the group.

Now, real-life zookeepers are emulating the scene with their animals.

Of course, these interactions have decidedly lower stakes, but that's what's funny about them.

The Pratt pose has been recreated with walruses, ostriches and, most ridiculously, chickens.

You can check out life imitating art down below.

Here is the pose being used on ostriches:

And here it is pacifying some walruses:

Lastly, here is the pose working wonders on some aggressive chickens:

@michelledeidre This is the only other I've seen so far, found on tumblr. pic.twitter.com/VtV07oyH7c — Crunch Buttsteak (@Kyoteklaw) June 17, 2015

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