4 Ways To Make Your 'Wonder Woman' Costume Actually Stand Out

by Anna Menta

Do you guys even realize that Halloween is less than two months away?! You have less than 60 days to come up with a costume that is both funny and topical, sexy but not TOO sexy, and of course, unique. I'm getting stressed just thinking about it. Luckily, Wonder Woman is here to rescue you. But since 2017 was the year of Wonder Woman, you'll probably be competing with several other Dianas this Halloween. So here's a few unique Wonder Woman costume ideas to help you stand out this October 31.

In fact, if you want to really prove your devotion to the first female superhero to get her own movie, you could use these ideas to put together a badass Wonder Woman group costume with your friends. All genders are encourage to try out these costume ideas!

1. Wonder Woman before she was Wonder Woman.

Before she Diana Prince and before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, daughter of Queen Hippolyta, princess Themyscira. While most folk will probably opt for the classic red, blue, and yellow costume (or red, blue and gold, going by the 2017 film), you could make your costume stand out by going as Diana of Themyscira. Find you a pleated leather skirt, a golden bodice, and sword and you're good to go.


2. Robin Wright in Wonder Woman.

Who says you need to be Diana to have a killer Wonder Woman costume? Instead you go as Diana's aunt Antiope, aka Robin Wright's character in the film. Get a bow an arrow, a leather leotard, a metal headpiece, and pull your hair back in a high pony tail. Optional: Use Sharpie to draw on those truly impressive biceps.


3. Diana's London look.

Get the Wonder Woman London look, AKA the clothes Diana wears when she's trying to under cover in London. This should be an easy look, albeit subtle, look to get: A black bowler hat, a long grey peacoat, and black leather gloves.


4. Wonder Woman in pants.

Look, I know we all want to look sexy AF for Halloween, but October 31 can be cold. If you value your body heat, you can opt for this Wonder Woman in pants look from the comics.


Happy Halloween-ing!