Tom Hardy's Body Double For 'Mad Max' Is Even Hotter Than He Is (Photos)

If you've seen "Mad Max: Fury Road," then you already know Tom Hardy is looking incredibly fine these days.

But you know what's even better than one insanely hot guy? Two insanely hot guys.

We recently came across Hardy's doppelgänger stunt double, Jacob Tomuri, and trust me, he does not disappoint.

From his devilish good looks to his manly beard, this sexy stunt double has Hardy's appearance on lock, and, at times, they pretty much look like clones of one another.

If one thing is certain, seeing these two side by side will definitely make you do a serious double take.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Hardy's perfect stunt double.

This may look like Tom Hardy...

...but this guy is actually Jacob Tomuri.

Tomuri is Tom Hardy's stunt double in "Mad Max: Fury Road."

.@jacob_tomuri, NZ stuntman, doubles Tom Hardy in blockbuster #MadMaxFuryRoad @RoadshowFilms — NZEDGE (@NZEDGE) May 14, 2015

And just like the real Hollywood actor...

Mr. #TomHardy & Mr. @jacob_tomuri #MadMaxFuryRoad @MadMaxMovie — Tommy Riordan (@noealan) May 4, 2015

...this doppelgänger is one insanely hot dude.

From his manly beard...

And charming smile...

To his brawny bod...

...Tomuri is basically a spitting image of Hardy.

And this stuntman likes to live life on the edge, making him even more irresistible.

At times, these two look so similar, it's hard to believe Tomuri isn't Hardy's twin.

But what's not to love about a double dose of hot dudes?

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