Leo The Loser: Here’s Who’s Been Beating Leonardo DiCaprio At The Oscars And Golden Globes All These Years

by Veronica Grossman

Leonardo DiCaprio has delivered award-worthy performance after performance after performance. But where is his credit? Sure, he gets nominated for his roles, but the guy has literally never won an Oscar. And he's been acting for over 20 years. And not bad acting, or sellout acting. Incredible acting.

Even though we're rooting for him this year, it is pretty clear by now that the odds are never in his favor. So, we were curious -- who has Leo been losing to all these years, and were they acceptable, or was has he really been robbed? Find out below as we bring you a little game we like to call: Leo's Been Robbed... a lot.

1994: Oscar/Golden Globe - "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" - Best Supporting Actor

Winner: Tommy Lee Jones for "The Fugitive." Acceptable. Even though Leo soulfully portrayed mental illness, he was only 19-years-old, and Tommy Lee Jones is a badass and kills it as a US Marshall trying to bring down Ford. Even though it hurts, we'll let this one go.

1998: Golden Globe - "Titanic" - Best Actor

Winner: Peter Fonda for Ulee's "Gold." Robbed. Ulee's "Gold" wasn't even nominated for best picture, while "Titanic" was nominated and won! One of the biggest reasons the movie was so good was Leo. Hello? Leo didn't even get nominated for an Oscar that year: double robbed.

2003: Golden Globe - "Catch Me If You Can" - Best Actor

Winner: Jack Nicholson in "About Schmidt." Robbed. Yeah yeah, estranged father goes on a journey, blah blah blah. Leo was amazing in "Catch Me If You Can." Enough said.

2005: Oscar  - "The Aviator" - Best Actor

Winner: Jamie Foxx for "Ray." Robbed. Leo's role in "The Aviator" is super underrated and may even be his best role of all time. Plus, he won the Golden Globe and the movie won the Globe for best picture (yay for Scorsese, at least). Once again, I say: WTF.

2007: Oscar/Golden Globe - "Blood Diamond" - Best Actor

Winner: Forest Whitaker for "The Last King of Scotland." Acceptable. Whatever.

2007: Golden Globe - "The Departed" - Best Actor

Winner: Forest Whitaker for "The Last King of Scotland." Robbed. At least give him the Globe! Leo was nominated for two movies that year! Couldn't he just have one?

2009: Golden Globe - "Revolutionary Road" - Best Actor

Winner: Mickey Rourke for "The Wrestler." Robbed. Yes, Mickey Rourke was amazing in his role as a washed up wrestler looking to make a comeback, but he was also very Mickey Rourkish in this role. Leo's portrayal of a disillusioned suburban husband  in "Revolutionary Road" remains haunting.

2012: Golden Globe - "J. Edgar" - Best Actor

Winner: George Clooney for "The Descendants." Acceptable. I guess any movie where George Clooney actually acts instead of just being George Clooney is worth an award.

2013: Golden Globe - "Django Unchained" - Best Supporting Actor

Winner: Christoph Waltz for "Django Unchained." On the fence. Christoph killed it in this movie (as he always does), but Leo provides one of cinema's most enjoyable longwinded cameos of all time.

And it totally sucks that he lost to a guy in the same movie, who happened to win an Oscar the year before. I am very certain, however, that Leo did get robbed of an Oscar nomination for this role.

2014: Oscar - "The Wolf of Wall Street" - Best Actor

Only time will tell. He already brought home a Golden Globe, but does that say much these days?

Top Photo Credit: WENN