Moana & Wonder Woman Theory Will Have You Shook

As patrons of the internet, we are no strangers to fan theories — they come in all shapes and sizes and are often more interesting than the TV shows and movies they're about. That being said, on fan brings Disney into the DCEU and with this Moana and Wonder Woman theory that claims are actually the same person. To put it simply: I'm shook.

The theory originated after a J-14 writer saw Wonder Woman for the first time this past weekend and noticed how similar Moana and Diana's journeys are. Although the two may seem entirely unrelated at first, one being an animated Disney film and the other being an action-packed superhero movie, their connections are undeniable. Prepare to pick your jaw up off of the floor because this theory has RECEIPTS.

To begin, Diana and Moana both come from similar backdrops. Diana is from Themyscira, a small Amazonian island, and Moana is from Motunui, a small Hawaiian island, and neither character has ever left their respective homes. On top of that, both females are children of royalty. Diana is the daughter of Zeus (the King of the Greek gods) and the Queen of Themyscira, while Moana is the daughter of Motunui's king and queen. Pretty coincidental if you ask me.

But it gets better. Despite each character feeling a bigger sense of purpose for herself, Diana and Moana are both told by their parents they don't need to leave the safety of their islands. Here's the twist, though: Both Moana and Diana have trusted family members (Diana's aunt and Moana's grandmother) who explain their deep individual histories to them and encourage them to explore their unique destinies — away from the islands on which they live. Sadly, both Diana's aunt and Moana's grandmother suddenly die, which encourages these girls to embark on their respective journeys to honor their loved ones.

Interesting. We're not finished yet, though. Both characters leave their islands and travel great distances by sea with their male sidekicks, Steve Trevor and Maui, both of whom are softened by their relationships with the protagonists, and both of whom end up sacrificing themselves in efforts to help the women be successful in their fights.

While all of this is comparison enough to be convince us that Moana and Diana are the same person IMO, someone on Twitter went ahead and took it a step further by pairing the lyrics to Moana's now iconic theme song "How Far I'll Go" (RIP "Let It Go") with images from Wonder Woman.

If that doesn't convince ya, I don't know what will. If Diana and Moana aren't the same person, then one of them better hire a lawyer, because these stories are eerily coincidental and someone is owed some copyright infringement cash.