Here's Who May Take Over 'Star Wars: Episode IX' Now That Its Director Is Out

by Ani Bundel
Walt Disney Studios

Last night's sudden announcement that director Colin Trevorrow was out of a job at Star Wars: Episode IX lead to instant speculation on his replacement. While some were hoping that this empty position would be an opportunity to bring in new blood to the production, it looks like Lucasfilm is considering an in-house hire, right from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Could the man who helmed that film, Rian Johnson, direct Star Wars: Episode IX?

Unlike the Lord and Miller situation over at The Somehow Still Untitled Han Solo Joint Now With Bonus Paul Bettany, fans did not seem to be too upset at the turnover for the final movie in the current trilogy. Part of the reason is that with the movie not yet in production, and a script not even finished, this was a less of a "switching horses when you're almost to the end of the stream" and more of a pre-production turn over.

Also, though Trevorrow's horrific flop of an indie film The Book of Henry was not mentioned, ever since it was released in June, whispers had been circulating that this might in fact be the upshot of it.

Instead, it seems like most think this was both for the best, and an opportunity for Kathleen Kennedy to bring some diversity to the director's chair. But Star Wars is becoming less and less about taking risks as it goes on.

Consider that at this point Lucasfilm has not only fired Trevorrow, but also Josh Trank from The Probably Not Happening Boba Fett Movie (also during pre-production) and the aforementioned Lord and Miller. That's on top of forcibly taking the reigns from Gareth Edwards, the director of Rogue One: Four Movies and handing them to Tony Gilroy, Ron Howard style. Not to mention the now under-rug-swept issues that plagued even J.J Abrams with The Force Awakens (A smash hit helps us all forget, but the reshoots on that were so extensive, the "Making-of" companion book was scrapped.)

There's only one director the company has brought in that's produced both and script and a movie with zero issues: Rian Johnson, whose work on The Last Jedi has been so amazingly smooth, it's endangered of being overshadowed. (Don't worry, it won't. The "turning it into a living memorial to Carrie Fisher" they've tagged onto it without blinking will see to that.)

That's the kind of No-Drama-Obama type work that Disney is looking for, and Kennedy desperately needs after this past summer. Johnson being part of their shortlist is a no-brainer, though whether he's willing to sign on for another round is still to be determined.

Personally I'm game, but he has to bring the porgs.