Say What? Mean Girls: The Reunion Film (Trailer)

by Molly Bea

Nothing has such a safe place in our hearts like the only good movie Lindsay Lohan was ever in, “Mean Girls. It's been about eight years since the release of this Mark Waters film, and it still continues to make its impact on the mouths of our society. The unbelievably talented Tina Fey gave the world a reality check when she wrote the script of a lifetime.

We all can pretty much clarify that an elephant in the room is always entertainingly uncomfortable. Though, it's the person with the ability to call that elephant out for everything that it is, that creates that entertainingly uncomfortable situation -- not to mention, does it live.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of seeing this movie within the last nine years, you need help. It doesn't matter if you are male, female, a parent,  a grandparent, or whatever other category that exists. It is impossible to escape the enjoyment and laughter from a film that continues to remind us just how dysfunctional the world currently is.

For the males reading this and pretending that they never saw this epic movie or only saw it "to be able to talk about it with girls," it was confirmed that, “Yes, if a 'Mean Girls' quote got them laid, I'm sure they loved it." You run with that - you go, tough guy!

“Mean Girls” is a movie that has allowed us all to take what could be some possible stresses of life and regain some perspective. If you are a true fan of the movie, you can probably recite the greatest quotes back and forth with your besties, perform the ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ routine or use the terms like ‘fetch,’ ‘grool’ and ‘burn book.’

If you are a semi-fan, you can use a quote or two to lighten up a moment like by saying, “You can walk home bitch,” or “I want my pink shirt back.” Lastly, if you are not a fan, or are ashamed to be for one reason or another, you still have "SNL" stars Amy Poehler and Tina Fey as your excuses to become one. Why? Everybody loves "SNL." If you don't, then again...seek help.

For lack of a better phrase, and use of the most commonly used phrase, people are ‘so not over it.’ “Mean Girls” has left the world feeling so desperate for a sequel (with the original cast) that the below teaser was created for a reason that remains unattainable. No guys, “Mean Girls 2” does not count as a sequel...

In the spirit of #TBT, check out the link below and maybe even get inspired to Insta a pic with your personal version of Aaron Samuels: the guy you failed a course for just to have him tutor you, who found out and hated you, but then took you back because he realized your intentions were pure. Cue the music...

Oh wait; your life isn't a movie. That is so… not...fetch.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube