Rihanna Introduces Fans To Her Shape-Shifting Alien Cabaret Star Character In New 'Valerian' Clip

STX Entertainment

Get ready to see Rihanna in a whole new way... and then another whole new way, and then another one, etc. The singer is finally giving fans an extended look at her mesmerizing alien character in Valerian, who can magically transform herself at will.

RiRi posted a new behind-the-scenes clip of her character Bubble in the upcoming Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Bubble only showed up for a quick second in the first trailer for Valerian, so Rih's new clip is a huge gift for fans who have been dying to see more of her.

Check out the new clip below.

As you can tell, Bubble is an alien entertainer who appears to have an intergalactic cabaret act, so it's the perfect part for Rihanna. She's also a shape-shifter, as we see her instantly turn her menswear-inspired stage costume (which is very the "Umbrella" video, btw) into a flowing white gown.

We also see Bubble transform into a blue, gooey beast towards the end of the clip, and Rihanna is seen sporting a CGI suit in scenes with star Dane DeHaan, so we might only be seeing a small taste of Bubble's transformative powers.

The role in Valerian is the latest in Rihanna's recent interest in out-of-this-world projects. Last year, Rihanna provided her voice to the animated alien movie Home and followed that up by becoming an alien again in her music video "Sledgehammer" for Star Trek Beyond.

Though best known as a singer, Rihanna has been expanding her career into acting as well. She first appeared in the ill-advised Battleship in 2012, followed by a bit part in the Judd Apatow comedy This Is the End a year later.

She's taken more promising film roles recently, including a turn on Bates Motel and a spot on the star-studded Ocean's Eight that is currently in post-production.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets hits theaters on July 21.