Here's Why Patty Jenkins Didn't Think 'Wonder Woman' Would Be A Hit

by Billy Lorusso

Anyone who owns a television, smart phone, or computer knows that Wonder Woman has been the biggest box office hit of the year so far. Knowing how popular DCEU's superhero films usually are, though, it's no surprise to anyone that Wonder Woman was such a monumental hit... well, that's not entirely true; it was a surprise to someone. It seems as if Wonder Woman's director, Patty Jenkins, was somewhat skeptical of how her film would be received by audiences and critics. That's right, the mastermind behind bringing the female-led superhero film to the big screen, Patty Jenkins, was not sure Wonder Woman would be a success.

While speaking with the director of Superman — Richard Donner — for The Director's Cut, Jenkins revealed how she had not anticipated her interpretation of Diana's origin story would be so well-liked. In the interview she says,

I went into the release of the movie assuming it would be, in best case, a mixed bag. And I sort of braced myself for it, where I thought, well, 'Listen, you're doing a beloved superhero; it's always going to end up being at least 40%, oh you could have done, blah blah blah.' So, the support and positivity that the movie has received, and also just the people wanting to talk about what we wanted to talk about in the movie and not other things, has been stunning.

Clearly she was wrong. Currently, Wonder Woman is one of the Top 20 highest grossing films ever. Yea, that's right, not just in the DCEU... ever, and it's earnings are still growing.

Naturally, the insane success of Wonder Woman has us all anticipating seeing Diana later this year in Justice League and counting the days until we get more info. on a sequel to Wonder Woman. All I know is Patty Jenkins better expect all the praise and success next time around because, with her behind the camera, it's inevitable.