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17 Iconic Lines You Need To Be Quoting On 'Mean Girls' Day

If you thought there was a limit to how long people would quote "Mean Girls," you thought wrong. The limit does not exist.

The year is 2016. "Mean Girls" came out over 12 years ago. 364 days of the year, Lindsay Lohan is the only person who ever brings it up.

But today is not every other day of the year. Do you guys know what day it is? It's October 3.

I think you know what I'm referring to.


Yes, today is October 3, aka the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was. This day has unofficially gone down in history as "Mean Girls" Day.

And just like every other year, "Mean Girls" fans dutifully dusted off their best references to celebrate the holiday.

However, if you happen to be in a rut and can't think of any good quotes to join the fun — that movie is older than my younger cousin, after all — I'm here to help.

Here are some of the most iconic "Mean Girls" lines you should definitely be quoting if you want to be cool on Twitter:

(But you should also re-watch "Mean Girls" because it really is a fantastic film.)

1. "Get in loser, we're going shopping."

DigitalThrowUp on YouTube

It's a classic, and it's easily applicable to any life situation in which you are going shopping.

2. "Boo, you whore."

Solveig Elise on YouTube

While a tad vulgar, this quote is a great way to passively aggressively chide the friend who always flakes on plans.

3. "Your mom's chest hair!"

ThePizzeriaMadness on YouTube

This one is a little more obscure, but arguably the greatest comeback of all time. God bless Lizzy Caplan.

4. "You go, Glen Coco."

smoobarat on YouTube

I've said and heard this one so often, it's almost lost all meaning at this point. But that doesn't mean you should stop quoting it. Never stop.

Also, it's number four on this list. Get it? "Four for you, Glen Coco?" GET IT?

5. "And none for Gretchen Wieners, bye."

Malcolm Flex on YouTube

This one is even better than Glen Coco, in my opinion, because you can easily dismiss almost anyone you don't like with this line.

"And none for Donald Trump, bye." See?

6. "Oh my god, Danny Devito! I love your work!"

Fran Elizabeth on YouTube

Another obscure quote that I think deserves way more love than it's gotten over the past 12 years. Oh, Damian.

7. "One time, she punched me in the face. It was awesome."

funnyquot3s on YouTube

Perfect for when the group chat is being a bit too complimentary of someone.


Florentina Chalky on YouTube

Sure, this situation doesn't come up a ton IRL, but if your friend ever does borrow your pink shirt, this is an incredibly satisfying reference to have under your belt.

9. "So fetch."

Hiago Alves on YouTube

Use this quote at the risk of someone not getting the reference and thinking you're Gretchen-levels of basic.

10. "Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen."

Cady Heron on YouTube

This is a handy quote since you can replace "fetch" with anything you please.

"Stop trying to make Donald Trump happen. It's not going to happen." See?

11. "I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy..."

"She doesn't even go here!"

"Do you even go to this school?"

"No... I just have a lot of feelings."

"OK, go home."

hrypotrfreek on YouTube

OK, sorry for reciting an entire scene. This movie is just so damn quotable.

12. "I can't go to Taco Bell, I'm on AN ALL CARB DIET. GOD, KAREN, YOU ARE SO STUPID!"

pipolingo89 on YouTube

Just be sure to clarify after you use this one that you do actually want to go to Taco Bell.

13. "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom."

Glen on YouTube

Before she was Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler gave us this iconic quote used by uncool moms everywhere.

14. "Grool."

A great way to parse out the true "Mean Girls" fans in everyday conversation.

15. "Say crack again."

D.J. Paris on YouTube

Another Damian classic.

16. "The limit does not exist."

Francisco Peralta on YouTube

The most meme-able line in the film.

17. "It's October 3."

Kris Harris on YouTube

I mean, duh.

Happy "Mean Girls" Day, plastics!