'Tangled' Star Mandy Moore Reacts To Fan Theory Connecting Rapunzel To 'Frozen'


Mandy Moore is dealing with a lot of questions about death these days.

Don't worry, she's feeling fine, but it seems like every single question she gets about her new drama "This Is Us" is about when the inevitable death of her character's husband is finally going to happen.

And now, Mandy is confronting a fan theory about some character deaths relating to another one of her other iconic roles.

An interviewer just informed Mandy about a popular fan theory connecting her character of Rapunzel in "Tangled" to another major Disney film: "Frozen." Before we get into Mandy's thoughts on the matter, I'll break down the theory, which was invented by fans after viewers noticed characters that looked like Rapunzel and Flynn popping up in one scene of "Frozen."


That sure does look like Rapunzel and Flynn attending Elsa's coronation at the beginning of "Frozen," doesn't it?

Well, according to the fan theory, the "Tangled" couple is actually family friends with Anna and Elsa, purporting that Anna and Elsa's parents were setting sail to attend Rapunzel and Flynn's wedding when they were killed at sea.

That would explain why Rapunzel and Flynn would show up at the coronation afterward — so they could pay their respects.

One person who is not feeling this fan theory is the voice of Rapunzel herself. When an interviewer for TVLine told Mandy Moore about the theory, she reacted first with shock...


...and then, with a disapproving confusion.


After hearing full full theory about Elsa and Anna's parent's dying on their way to Rapunzel's wedding, Mandy Moore called it "really morbid," and totally denied that it had any merit.

That's a really morbid fan theory. It feels like someone's really reaching into 'Lost' territory or something. There is no connection as far as I know... But sure, people can imagine what they will all day; that's their prerogative.

Of course, Disney is famous for including little Easter eggs and references to their other works as winks to the audience in nearly all of their films, without necessarily caring about the implications it might have on its universe as a whole.

It sounds like Rapunzel's cameo in "Frozen" is just another playful little inclusion meant to excite eagle-eyed viewers, rather than incite some in-depth backstory-building.

Check out Mandy Moore's full response to the fan theory below.