The Trailer For Live-Action 'Little Mermaid' Is Here And It Looks So Emotional


A brand new trailer just dropped for "The Little Mermaid," a live-action movie.

Now, to be clear about this, the movie isn't a live-action remake of a Disney movie, like the upcoming "Beauty and the Beast."

This "Little Mermaid" is an original take on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. So don't go looking for Sebastian.

The original fairy tale does have a prince, like the Disney movie, but this new live-action movie instead has a journalist.

(As a journalist who knows male journalists, I just have to say, that's kind of a let down. Princes get castles. Male journalists get shitty dive bars and inferiority complexes. Downgrade.)

Journalist Cam Harrison is played by William Moseley, who you may know from "The Chronicles of Narnia." He was Peter, and it was really uncomfortable because he's so beautiful, but he was also playing, like, a 15-year-old so it felt weird. Now he's an adult! It's cool!

So Cam and his cute little sister, played by Loreto Peralta, go to the circus and see a mermaid. She's played by Poppy Drayton, who was on "The Shannara Chronicles."

Check out the trailer here:

Now, although this is an adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, it's clearly a very loose adaptation.

As previously mentioned, royalty is out of sight. But, interestingly, so, too, is the ocean.

The alleged mermaid is seen swimming in a circus tank, but there's no indication of her washing up on an ocean shore.

Along with that, we don't see her family -- again, losing all that royal aspect. So it appears to be just her by herself. Seems lonely.

Also, Drayton is a brunette, not a redhead. So, you know, major changes going on here. Lindsay Lohan, who has posted on social media about wanting to play Ariel, must be annoyed about that.

It's refreshing at least to have an original spin on an old story, given that Hollywood is apparently far too lazy to come up with anything totally new.

If you're interested in that, "The Little Mermaid" is hitting theaters on May 20, 2017. Get ready!

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