Kohl's Doesn't Even Realize It's Selling Marty McFly's Exact Costume (Photo)

by Adam Pliskin

Marty McFly's orange-red vest from "Back to the Future" is one of the more iconic movie outfits of all time.

In fact, I even dressed as the time-traveling teenager for Halloween this year. I looked fly as hell, but the hue of my vest wasn't quite right. It's just too bad I didn't stop into Kohl's to buy my costume.

That's because the department store is, perhaps, unintentionally selling all you need to look like Michael J. Fox's character.

One Redditor spotted the vest and blue shirt combo hanging on a rack in Kohl's.

And coincidentally, it's just in time for 2015, the same year "Back to the Future Part II" takes place.

Below is the photo of the excellent ensemble. I might have to purchase one to prepare for next year's Halloween.

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