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Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt's Chemistry Is Out Of This World In New Trailer

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Who's ready to watch two hot sexies fuck in space? I KNOW I AM.

The official trailer for “Passengers,” starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, dropped today and it appears an appropriate alternate title could have been “Titanic II: Titanic In Space.”


What's that? There's already a “Titanic II”? No there isn't. No one would waste their time like that. Oh, they did? Bummer.

“Passengers” follows the love story of a writer (Lawrence) and a mechanic (Pratt) who wake 90 years early from a 120-year sleep when their hibernation pods malfunction aboard a spaceship headed to colonize a new planet.

Based on trailer, this film has everything* “Titanic” had and so much more!

It has adorable robot friends!


It has gut-wrenching tragedy!


It has matching PJs!


It has Michael Sheen's mechanical ass!


It also has plenty of sensual eye/mouth contact between co-stars.


The film features Jennifer Lawrence's first-ever sex scene and, frankly, writer-meets-mechanic-on-isolated-spaceship-bound-for-destruction is truly a dream setup worth waiting for.

It'll be hard to hold out until December 21 to catch this movie. In the meantime, there's "Titanic II."

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*Except James Cameron, so, meh.