It's Official! The 'Entourage' Movie Has A Premiere Date And We Can't Wait

Guess what you're doing on June 25, 2015?

Mark your calendar because you are going to see the "Entourage" movie! That's right Warner Bros has officially announced the release date of the much anticipated film.

With all the ups and downs and back and forths, we never thought we'd see the day. Now, we can't wait to see our favorite HBO bad boys on the big screen. This means BIGGER boobs, BIGGER cars, BIGGER bongs and you know there will be booze.

Speaking of bigger boobs, we are still dying to know if Kate Upton will be starring as Vinny Chase's love interest. One can only hope.

And with a summer release -- can we ask for anything better? Just wait for the trailer.

To hold you over in the meantime, here are the 14 most memorable moments from "Entourage."

via Hollywoodreporter, Top Photo Credit: WENN