Gal Gadot's Behind-The-Scenes 'Wonder Woman' Tweet Just Made Our Day

by Billy Lorusso
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

OK, so by now you've either heard of Wonder Woman or you've been living on a secluded island with no WiFi since June 2 of this year.

If you're in the latter category, there's not much I can do to help you, but welcome back to the digital world! If you're in the former category, though, then you know all about the glorious treasure that is Gal Gadot.

In her latest role, Gal absolutely blew our minds and redefined what it means to be a "leading lady." As if we couldn't love her any more than we already do, she went and blessed us all over again this weekend when she tweeted some behind-the-scenes footage of her filming this year's biggest smash hit.

In the clip above, Gadot is super bubbly and energetic as she talks about the build up to filming Wonder Woman and the excitement she experienced beforehand. She says,

I was so ready. Like, I had these months and months and months of me getting super excited about this character. I literally just wanted to attack, to give it a bite, to dive in. I was so ready.

Anyone who has seen her performance knows she does not disappoint. Clearly, her "months and months and months" of preparation were not wasted as her performance is bigger and better than we could have ever anticipated.

The video she uploaded to her Twitter also shows behind the scenes footage of her filming action packed scenes in front of a green screen and acting goofy on set with director Patty Jenkins.

Obviously we have much more of Gadot to look forward to as she'll be appearing alongside the other DCEU superheroes as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League, and, of course, we'll be getting a sequel to Wonder Woman.

Let's just hope Gadot keeps up with this trend and gives us plenty of behind the scenes footage from both.