This Wild Fan Theory About 'Harry Potter' Changes Literally Everything

Eight years after the release of the final "Harry Potter" book, Potterheads are still reliving the magic. And from time to time, they make some interesting connections.

A fan theory that seems to have started with Tumblr user Graphic Nerdity makes for a surprising revelation about the Dursleys, Harry's cruel caretakers through the first years of his life.

The final book reveals Voldemort accidentally split an extra piece of his soul off when trying to kill Harry as a baby, making the hero a kind of odd Horcrux.

In the books, those who spend lengthy amounts of time with Voldemort's Horcruxes become nasty. They echo the worst qualities of the villain, seeing as they've been exposed to his soul at length.

Graphic Nerdity wondered if the Dursleys were, perhaps, unexpected victims of life with a Horcrux (Harry).

When Harry moved away, for example, his cousin, Dudley, became respectful and a little sweet.

Graphic Nerdity's theory is thoughtful and well-researched.

However, fans came up with evidence to dispel it.

In post-"Potter" interviews, author JK Rowling has been quick to identify Harry as a different kind of Horcrux than the others.

What's more, the opening chapter of the series has Professor McGonagall explaining what an awful family the Dursleys are – and that's before Harry is ever with them.

True or not, the theory is a testament to the continued passion of the "Potter" community.

It takes a lot of love to delve into a plotline and create your own intricate theory.

In the words of Graphic Nerdity: "Some of you love [the theory], some of you hate it, but you're all talking about it and that's pretty cool."

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