This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Were Different Ethnicities (Photos)

by Lauren Martin

We love our Disney princesses. From the moment they taught us about handsome princes and happy endings we've always viewed them as ideal women. From their supple skin to bright eyes, they were beacons of youth and beauty.

However, now that we're older (and wiser) we know these young princesses weren't exactly the greatest role models or best representations of women around the world.

Focused mainly on Caucasian women, the princesses gave girls a skewed view of race and ethnicity, assuming most princesses of the world were white.

With age and Internet lists come justice, and following in the footsteps of the many Disney reevaluations and reinterpretations comes a new line of Disney princesses, ones with the ethnic backgrounds they should possess.

So in true Internet fashion, here's a list of your favorite Disney princesses remastered as different ethnicities from around the world... and they are even more beautiful.

Snow White

Cinderella Megara from Hercules Aurora from Sleeping Beauty Belle from Beauty and the Beast Ariel from Little Mermaid Jasmine from Aladdin   via Tumblr, h/t: Buzzfeed, Photos Courtesy: Tumblr