Believe It Or Not, 'Frozen' And 'The Lion King' Are Pretty Much The Same Exact Movie

by Connor Toole

It's no secret Disney likes recycling old stories and fairy tales for many of their feature films.

For example, after "The Lion King" was released in 1994, people drew similarities between its plot and the story of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" (as well as those who compared it to the eerily similar Japanese cartoon "Kimba the White Lion").

Tumblr user Marauders4Ever has drawn a number of parallels between "The Lion King" and another Disney movie -- 2013's smash hit "Frozen."

If the speculation is true, it would mean that "Frozen" is based on a movie that was possibly based on another movie based on a play. Way to stretch that source material, Disney.

Are "The Lion King" and "Frozen" basically the same movie? You can decide for yourself:

Both open with chanted songs in foreign languages

We're introduced to the family that rules the kingdom

The children are blessed with immaculate genes

Disaster strikes and someone dies

The death causes the protagonist to flee in terror

Then they try to solve all their problems through catchy songs

The kingdoms are taken over by evil usurpers

The kingdoms begin to deteriorate The villains guilt trip our heroes The heroes return to save the day Everything turns out awesome (and prepped for a sequel)

h/t Buzzfeed, via Marauders4Ever, Photos Courtesy: Tumblr