'Beauty And The Beast' Deleted Scene Points Out Difference Between Belle And Beast


OK, so by now you should be familiar with the biggest box office hit of 2017, the tale as old as time that got turned into a live-action smash, Beauty and the Beast

Unsurprisingly, Bill Condon's adaptation of this classic is filled to the brim with over-the-top, spectacular scenes, fan-favorite characters, and the oh-s0-catchy music we've come to expect from any Disney production.

What more could we possibly ask for? Oh, yeah... that's right, DELETED SCENES!

Well, thanks to the Disney gods, our prayers have been answered.

Ahead of Beauty and the Beast's release on Blu-ray and Digital HD, we have been blessed with a few scenes that didn't make it into the final cut of the film.

One deleted scene is particularly interesting; it links Belle and the Beast to one another long before they even meet.

In the scene above, Belle offers a beggar named Agathe some bread and jam. Seems pretty typical for Belle, being the kind and lively spirit that she is, right? Right.


But what makes this interaction so intriguing is Agathe is the same beggar who curses the Prince and turns him into the Beast after he humiliates her and refuses to help her. (As always, Disney is sneaky AF. SMH.)


Belle's quick meeting with Agathe highlights the biggest difference between Belle and the Beast before we get to see it unfold later in the film: Belle is compassionate and warm while the Beast is unsympathetic and rude.

The scene itself was supposed to appear early on in the film to showcase Belle's generosity and kindness as she interacts with members of her "provincial town," but ended up getting cut, most likely to bring the film's running time down.

It's crazy to think of what might have happened if Belle never offered Agathe some food or if the Prince actually did help Agathe instead of being such a turd.

Would we still have the Beauty and the Beast we all know and love, or would we have had a totally different movie on our hands? Damn you, Disney, for making us think!