This Mashup Of 90s Disney Films Will Make You So Freaking Nostalgic

This video is a perfect combination of nostalgia and inspiration.

YouTuber indrancole3 uploaded a supercut of 90s Disney movies, and it'll remind you of all the important Disney lessons you forgot about.

The trailer-like video features clips from Disney’s 2D animation films ranging from 1986 to 2002, so it includes heartbreaking "The Lion King" scenes and Lilo reminding us “ohana means family.”

Overall, this video is able to sum up your childhood in three minutes.

In the description, indrancole3 writes,

I work as a professional trailer editor, this is simply an editing exercise I've done in my free time.

This YouTuber's work definitely feels professional; good luck getting through this video without tears and goosebumps.