Over 230 Cars Were Completely Destroyed In The Making Of 'Furious 7'

Universal Pictures

If you saw "Furious 7," you also saw a great deal of automotive carnage. According to The Wall Street Journal, over 230 cars were wrecked for the film.

That destruction seems to have paid dividends for those involved; the film grossed over $143 million in its first weekend in theaters.

Dennis McCarthy, the car coordinator for the film franchise, spoke to WSJ about the crazy amount of cars that were destroyed.

After shooting a mountain highway chase scene for the film, an incredible number of vehicles were wrecked beyond repair.

McCarthy said,

We probably destroyed 40-plus vehicles just shooting that sequence.

Suffice it to say, a ton of cars were ruined during scenes such as the one in which cars go flying out of the back of an airplane.

If the sheer destruction doesn't get you to go to the movies to see "Furious 7," I have no idea what will.

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