the cast of 'Abbott Elementary' on ABC
15 Feel-Good Shows To Watch For A Fun Night In

Let Abbott Elementary be your guide.


Abbott Elementary does something special that not many TV shows can do: It makes hanging out at school seem fun. The hit ABC comedy, created by and starring Quinta Brunson, is a mockumentary following the lives of a group of elementary school teachers in Philadelphia. It doesn’t necessarily sound like the makings of the biggest sitcom of 2022, but Abbott Elementary garnered millions of fans during its first season. Now that Season 1 of the series is over, those fans are looking for more feel-good shows to watch while waiting for the Abbott Elementary Season 2 premiere.

When Brunson set out to make Abbott Elementary, she wanted to create a heartwarming show. “The job first and foremost was to make a comedy, make a funny show,” she told PBS. “And then I just like my comedies to have heart in them. Those are my two goals: heart and humor.”

Infusing the show with heart and humor seems to have worked, and now there are plenty of fans out there who are looking for more shows like it. Whether you want another workplace comedy or a TV show with optimistic characters just like Brunson’s Janine, this list will keep a smile on your face during the long wait for more episodes of Abbott Elementary.

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Saved By The Bell

If it’s the school setting that you love about Abbott Elementary, then Saved By The Bell will give you those same vibes, but with more focus on the students than the teachers.


Parks and Recreation

A ragtag group at an often overlooked workplace, with a smart and optimistic woman at the center — sounds pretty familiar, right? Janine is totally this generation’s Leslie Knope, so grab a plate of waffles and settle in for a Parks and Rec marathon.


A Black Lady Sketch Show


Before Abbott Elementary, Brunson starred in this HBO sketch series. The humor of the show is often way more absurd than the jokes on Abbott Elementary, but still a great pick for Brunson fans.


New Girl


Just like Janine, Jessica Day is a dedicated teacher who’s truly passionate about her students. Plus, they both own their dorkiness in all its adorable glory.


The Office

When it comes to workplace comedies, it’s hard to beat this one. Plus, the mockumentary style of Abbott Elementary owes a lot to The Office. In fact, one of Abbott Elementary’s stars, Tyler James Williams, even acknowledged the huge impact of The Office. He told CinemaBlend, “It’s impossible for The Office not to be an influence. It’s the golden standard of this style.”




On Abbott Elementary, the teachers come from all different walks of life and their paths only cross because they all work together. There’s a similar dynamic with the workplace comedy on Superstore.


Rutherford Falls

If Janine is the heart and soul of Abbott Elementary, then Reagan Wells (played by Jana Schmieding) is the heart and soul of Rutherford Falls. Reagan is a member of the Minishonka Nation who’s working hard to keep a small Native American cultural center going in her small New England town, just like Janine works hard for her students.


Welcome to Flatch

The newest series on this list, Welcome to Flatch is another mockumentary-style show with lots of awkward but heartfelt moments. In this show, a camera crew follows the everyday lives of a couple of goof-offs living in a very small town in Ohio.


Grand Crew


The ensemble cast of Abbott Elementary is one of the great things about it, so if you’re looking for another ensemble comedy with characters who play off each other really well, then Grand Crew is your show. It’s a quintessential hangout comedy comprised of characters you’ll want to hang out with, too.


Ted Lasso

If you need another optimism jolt, then Mr. Ted Lasso himself is here to provide. Ted Lasso is another ensemble comedy with a super-joyful lead at the center of a wildly lovable cast.


Schitt’s Creek

Pop TV

This quirkily wholesome sitcom about a rich family in a small town not only delivers on big laughs, but also on truly heartwarming moments.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

What Abbott Elementary does for an elementary school, Brooklyn Nine-Nine did for a police station. There are eight seasons of Precinct 99 hijinks to make you smile.




Glee takes the school setting and takes it in a whole different — and very musical — direction. Watch if you love Abbott Elementary but wish it had more showtunes.



In this sitcom, which just finished its first season on CBS and is coming back for another soon, the ragtag group just so happens to be a bunch of ghosts haunting an old mansion.



Perhaps one of the most iconic feel-good shows of all time, Friends is the perfect show to watch, well, when you feel like hanging out with friends.

Season 1 of Abbott Elementary is streaming on Hulu, and will also be streaming on HBO Max beginning Aug. 20.