Jacob Elordi as Nate in 'Euphoria' Season 2

What's On That Flash Drive In Euphoria? Nate's Evidence Could Be Explosive

I'm so nervous for Season 3.

by Ani Bundel

Ever since Euphoria’s explosive reveal in Season 1 that Nate’s father, Cal, was Jules’ “Dominant Daddy” from Grindr, their relationship has been one of the most complex in the series. Nate knew his father was closeted, meeting gay and trans partners (often underage ones) secretly, keeping his encounters in a meticulously cultivated library. But after two seasons of blackmailing and abusing his way into keeping his father’s secrets quiet, Nate finally turned Cal in. But what, exactly, was on Nate’s flash drive that he brought with him to his father’s arrest?

Warning: Spoilers for the Euphoria Season 2 finale follow. At the end of Euphoria Season 2’s penultimate episode, Nate left Lexi’s play in an explosion of rage. Her portrayal of Nate as the star of a homoerotic dance number cut way too close to home for his confused sexuality, even though she had no way of knowing that. But it was where he went after the show that stunned fans.

In the finale, Nate turned up at a party instead of going home to the internet to find a new partner to abuse online or dive into a bottle to drown his thoughts. This wasn’t any party, but a private affair on one of Cal’s construction sites, hosted by his father, full of half-dressed “friends.” In front of the whole group, Nate confronted Cal and started telling them how he found his father’s self-made pornography at age 11, and how, ever since, he’s had nightmares of his father sexually abusing him.

Understandably, the party broke up, and fast. As father and son confronted each other, Cal heard cars pulling up and realized Nate has called the police on him. Nate told his father he didn’t want an apology. He wanted revenge — and with that, he pulled out a flash drive.

Cal’s eyes widened as he asked what was on it. Nate looked down and said quietly: “Everything.”


But what exactly is “everything?”

As fans know, Cal has been keeping recordings of himself for years. There was already a vast library when Nate was 11, and that was seven years ago. Fans have seen a few of those, most notably the one with Jules, who is underage. The footage of their encounter is the most obvious answer. Cal’s tape of Jules hasn’t just been seen by Nate, but Maddy too, and would connect all the different storylines currently underway, from Rue and Jules’ breakup to the Nate-Maddy-Cassie triangle. It’s also one that Nate can use to get his father not only charged but quickly tried and found guilty. Even if Jules isn’t willing to testify, there’s an entire tape.

But Jules isn’t “everything;” she’s merely one of the hundreds of encounters. Cal has been recording his exploits for decades, with partners he’s forced into rough intercourse without consent. And Nate has watched them all. Just because fans know of the Jules tape, it doesn’t mean she was the only one who Cal accepted a convenient fiction of being 18. (Chances are if there’s one, there are others.) Nate’s decision may not just blow up his family’s life and Jules’, but dozens and dozens of others as well.

Further, earlier in the season, Nate gave Jules the recording of her and Cal, suggesting, it was the only copy. If that flash drive really does contain “everything,” including the video of Jules, that could bring about some major issues.

Lexi’s “Our Life: Part 2” at the end of Season 3 may very well have very different musical numbers by the time this is all said and done. Euphoria Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on HBO Max. Season 3 is expected in 2023.