Emily Ratajkowski Is Completely Naked In Her Latest Instagram Pic, And Damnnnn

by Adam Silvers

Emily Ratajkowski is at it again, y'all.

The 25-year-old American actress and model is completely naked in her latest Instagram picture, and I'm telling you, this is too hot to handle.

If you're one of Emily Ratajkowski's 9.1 million Instagram followers, then you're already familiar with the sexy pictures she posts on a regular basis.

However, you've never seen anything like her most recent post, in which the sexy brunette is completely naked.

You ready? OK, here we go ...



Is it my birthday? Is it your birthday?

I'm searching for a reason Ratajkowski has chosen now to give us the greatest gift ever.

Perhaps the 25-year-old is trying to bring some joy into our lives as we await the end of the world once Donald Trump comes into power.

Sure, she once stripped naked in a tub while drinking wine, but the pictures are a lot less revealing than the one she just posted.


Told you.

Remember earlier when I politely questioned whether or not you follow Ratajkowski on Instagram?

Well, if the answer was no, then I think you need to be checked out by a doctor if the answer isn't a yes at this point.

Since the bombshell is clearly in the spirit of giving this month, I'll provide you with another sexy naked picture she posted on Snapchat a while back.


I know. No need to thank me.

Seriously though, y'all, if this post doesn't inspire you to follow Ratajkowski on every single social media platform possible, well, I really can't be friends with you.

I don't care what your gender, age, nationality, favorite sex position, political allegiance or favorite food is, if you're not down with Emily Ratajkowski getting naked on social media, then there's no hope for you.

Keep doing your thing, Em!

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