8 Of Emily Fields' Most Iconic And Stunning Looks On 'Pretty Little Liars'

by Becky Wandel

For the past seven years, Tuesday nights have belonged to Pretty Little Liars.

But that all ends this week, when the juggernaut series wraps up with a two-hour long finale this Tuesday, June 27.

Style has always been an iconic part of the show and each of the Rosewood fab four has always had a unique look: campy cute for Aria, Connecticut prep for Spencer, fresh-off-the-runway for Hannah, and sporty cool for Emily.

And nobody does sporty cool like Emily.

So, to say "goodbye" to our favorite athletic little liar, let's take a look back at some of Emily Fields' best looks in the series.


Right off the bat, we've gotta talk about these $200 pajamas. It doesn't make a lot of sense that an average girl like Emily would have them, but she pulls them off, so it's fine.


This top is simple, classic, and unlike the $200 pajamas, actually something a college-age kid could afford because it's from Forever 21.


In the real world, funerals are no time for a fashion statement – but this is Pretty Little Liars we're talking about. Emily looks great here and the best part is the person they're having the funeral for isn't even dead – that's some classic PLL!


She makes this light-wash jean jacket look so chic and makes us all look like amateurs.


Seeing Emily in a dress is a pretty rare occasion. She looks like a dream showing off her more feminine side in this flowy, white sundress.


All the liars wear them, but Emily's always looked the most at home in a leather jacket. Probably because she's such a badass.



This Adidas jacket is classic sporty Emily. And the purple is so fun. We should all wear more purple.



And lastly, Emily looks beyond stunning when she's all dolled up.

Considering the finale is probably going to have at least a wedding and probably a funeral, there's certainly going to be some #looks to look out for.