Ed Sheeran Performed At A Peep Show, And Nobody Would Pay $2 To See Him (Video)

These days, it seems like Ed Sheeran can't pay for an audience.

In a social experiment by Australian radio show hosts Hamish and Andy, the duo placed the “Thinking Out Loud” singer onto a small peep show stage and asked passersby to pay $2 for a peep.

After two and a half hours, there were just a few bites, and, even then, no one expected to see the star live.

One gentleman got so swept up in the romance of "The Ed Sheeran Peep Show," he started harmonizing along, but all in all, the viewers were hard-earned.

One day you're the most streamed artist on Spotify, the next you can't get $2 for a 30-second song.

Fame sure is fickle.