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The Rock Posts Sweet Message For 1-Year-Old Who Survived Open Heart Surgery

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posted the most adorable message on Instagram to honor a fan he met while on set for his new movie, "Baywatch."

The actor shared a photo of himself with a woman named Sarah and her two children. The mother's youngest daughter, Sally Walker Collins, had open-heart surgery and, according to The Rock's post, is the family's "lil' fighter." It was the baby's first birthday.

The Rock was touched by Sally's story and wanted to share the emotional exchange with his fans.

The full caption read,

Shooting on location always draws a crowd and I got word that a mom asked if I would meet her daughter who's celebrating a very special birthday. Well I love me some birthdays so where is mama and her babies. Was so happy to have met lil' Sally Walker Collins, who just turned 1. When she was 5months old she had open heart surgery and has been an inspiring lil' fighter since that day. Her mama, Sarah here was so grateful we had a chance to meet and got teary eyed when talking about her baby and said something so simple, powerful and true.. 'If Sally can fight thru this, then we can do anything.' Amen. Yes you can. Real pleasure meeting this great family and if by remote chance I got teary eyed too when she was talking about her daughter's struggle - it's a good thing I had my shades on so no one would see. But of course I never cry 'cause I'm too tough for that stuff. I'm just sayin' if I did, I was prepared. Stay strong lil' Sally - you're a heart warrior and you have many many more birthdays to enjoy. And remember Uncle DJ is the coolest.

Ugh, this is too sweet for words. Way to keep fighting, Sally. We all can learn a lot from you.