Drake revealed a tattoo on his face of the initials 'SG' as a tribute to his mother Sandra Gale

Drake Got His First Face Tattoo, And It Has A Very Heartwarming Meaning

Nothing was the same.

Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

Drake is no stranger to body art, but he’s shied away from inking his face... until now. The rapper showed off his first ever face tattoo on Instagram and hinted at the significant meaning behind it. In a post shared on his Instagram on Friday, Aug. 12, Drake revealed the initials “SG” tattooed under his left eye and captioned the photo “Sandra Gale 💖.” The rest of the carousel of photos doesn’t measure up to the importance of the first, because the tattoo is a tribute to Drake’s mother, Sandi Gale.

Time and time again, Drake has proved just how deep his love for his mother goes. Throughout his music, you can catch dedications to her here and there, all expressing how meaningful she is. In “The Calm”, Drake gives a shoutout to his mother, who raised him by herself: “Dedicated to my mom and I swear my word is bond, everything will be okay.” The relationship he has with his mother is unbreakable and she’s enthusiastically supported him in every step of his career. Leading up to the 2021 release of Certified Loverboy, Gale sent her son loving notes to support him that he shared on Instagram. One read “I couldn't be more proud of you,” accompanied by flowers.

Of course, Drake wanted his first face tattoo to have a deep meaning, so getting his mom’s initials right under his eye totally sent a message.

Drake’s love for his mother goes deep and he’s never shied away from expressing it. Although the photo he posted of the tat is a bit blurry, fans can get a much better look at it (along with a peek at its creation) in a video posted by the tattoo artist Nal. The clip shows Drake’s tattoo getting inked right beneath his left eye.

The face tat isn’t Drake’s first tattoo, nor will it likely be his last. The exact number isn’t confirmed, but he is known to have 30+ tattoos that mark significant moments in his life (some of which are dedicated to exes like Rihanna). The newest addition to his collection is a true dedication to the woman who made him who he is — also, it looks really cool.