Drake released his seventh album 'Honestly, Nevermind' and it's full of perfect Instagram captions

Basically Every Lyric On Drake's Honestly, Nevermind Is A Golden IG Caption

"Texts go green, it hits a little different, don't it?"

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know that summer is going to be lit when Drake drops a new album and boy, he did not disappoint this time. On June 17, Drake blessed us with his seventh studio album Honestly, Nevermind. The album dropped the same day as his music video for “Falling Back” (featuring Tristan Thompson, sorry Khloé), and it all came as a total surprise to fans since he didn’t announce the new music until just hours before it released. In true icon fashion, Drake didn’t do any promotion leading up to the album drop and instead opted to post the album cover on the ‘gram six hours before it hit streaming platforms. Also typically Drizzy, pretty much all of the lyrics on Honestly, Nevermind are perfect for Instagram captions, so get ready to fill your grid up with so many cheeky captions.

Honestly, Nevermind isn’t just a regular Drake drop; it’s a memorial piece. On Apple Music, Drake attached a note that the album is dedicated to the late fashion designer and DJ Virgil Abloh. The designer is best known for the fashion label Off-White and his work as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear. The cohesive sound and lyrical genius of Honestly, Nevermind made it destined to soar to the top of the charts and honor Abloh’s memory.

As the most streamed artist of 2022 (thus far), it’s no surprise that Honestly, Nevermind is a no-skips album. Though each song has its own individual vibe, the collection of tracks follows the same sound, making this one of Drake’s most cohesive albums to date. The beats are infectious and the lyrics are so catchy that they make the perfect Instagram captions — here are the best of the best:

  • “Guardin' myself while I'm all on display.” — “Falling Back”
  • “Time isn’t healing, time is revealing.” — “Falling Back”
  • “Falling back on me.”— “Falling Back”
  • “Wind up in the mirrors just to see yourself.” — “Texts Go Green”
  • “Texts go green, it hits a little different, don’t it?” — “Texts Go Green”
  • “It shouldn’t take a text from me to speak your truth.” — “Texts Go Green”
  • “Dodging girls on the scene and girls from my dreams.” — “Texts Go Green”
  • “We can move in slow motion if that’s what you want.” — “Currents”
  • “You’re the missing piece I been longing for.” — “Currents”
  • “Show me all your colors.” — “Currents”
  • “I found a new muse, that’s bad news for you.” — “A Keeper”
  • “Limbo right under that ho.” — “A Keeper”
  • “Got you Mercedеs Benz, but that don't make you driven.” — “A Keeper”
  • “My heart, it beats different rhythm.” — “Calling My Name”
  • “So come on baby, let’s stop playing games.” — “Calling My Name”
  • “You know I gotta bring the set.” — “Sticky”
  • “Love my guys, I wouldn't trade, from the cradle to the grave.” — “Sticky”
  • “You say I changed, I say that I millions.” — “Sticky”
  • “I know my funeral gon' be lit 'cause of how I treated people.” — “Massive”
  • “Swervin' between emotions.” — “Massive”
  • “Ain't going out with no fight, no I'm just tryna play my part.” — “Massive”
  • “Owe you some hospitality and it comes so naturally.” — “Flight’s Booked”
  • “Chasing sunsets in California” — “Flight’s Booked”
  • “Don’t take forever, it’s been forever.” — “Flight’s Booked”
  • “Sun keeps turning on to twilight.” — “Flight’s Booked”
  • “Hold the line, we ain’t done.” — “Overdrive”
  • “Why all this in overdrive?” — “Overdrive”
  • “With you beside me, I become unraveled.” — “Overdrive”
  • “My heart is in overdrive.” — “Overdrive”
  • “Your energy's calling for me.” — “Overdrive”
  • “Chemistry's frozen.” — “Down Hill”
  • “Overnight, we’re done.” — “Down Hill”
  • “Kill me slowly with those piercin' eyes.” — “Tie That Binds”
  • “Hidin' from those stars.” — “Tie That Binds”
  • “Slowly you're pullin' me 'cross the line.” — “Tie That Binds”
  • “You bring out the best part of me, babe.” — “Tie That Binds”
  • “Hold me close as you can 'til we're ghost.” — “Tie That Binds”
  • “I'm here for the ride.” — “Liability”
  • “We been down this road, past this street a hundred times.” — “Liability”
  • “Drinking your weight in champagne.” — “Liability”
  • “Turned up on my phone, changing your whole tone.” — “Liability”
  • “You get in my bed, you twist up my head.” — “Liability”
  • “Flying places 'cause you know to travel lonely.” — “Liability”
  • “You put your words together like you getting points for that sh*t, like you playing Scrabble on me.” — “Liability”
  • “I'm a night owl, this a different mode.” — “Jimmy Cooks”
  • “I can't strеss about no b*tch 'cause I'm a timid soul.” — “Jimmy Cooks”
  • “I'm cookin' up ambition on a kitchen stove.” — “Jimmy Cooks”
  • “Everybody fake now, you could crack the code.” — “Jimmy Cooks”