Drake's One Deal Breaker Might Be Keeping Him From Wifing Serena Williams


Drake has one major stipulation for his future wife that disqualifies women from all over the world with the exception of a lucky few girls from the North Country.

For the 1,359,475 or so ladies dwelling in Toronto, congratulations.

In an interview for the October 27 issue of W magazine, the rapper claims he's looking to settle down with a hometown girl.

He says,

Jeez, Drake. I could learn the smell. I could learn the smell right now if you want. Alas, the Canadian rapper's standards also mean a lasting romance with tennis pro and Michigan native Serena Williams is highly unlikely.

Though dating and engagement rumors have been swirling about the pair for months, her rep reportedly told Entertainment Tonight the alleged couple is "simply longtime friends.”

Regardless of whether or not the former actor is available, he's focused less on dating and more on his music.

He shared,

My only goal for the foreseeable future is molding myself into the perfect woman for Drake. BRB, I've got over 243 square miles of Canadian city to smell.

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