Someone Made A 'Drake On Cake' Instagram, And It's Literally Everything (Photos)

I don't know what took society so long to make a Drake on a cake Instagram, but we should all be ashamed of ourselves because this is the most natural merger of beloved things in history.

I mean, the idea writes itself. Everyone loves Drake and everyone loves cake, so combining the two loves into a viral Instagram account was an inevitability brought to life by Joy Wilson, aka Joy The Baker.

Do people even eat these works of art? Would you eat the "Mona Lisa"?

As far as I'm concerned, these cakes have as much cultural significance as the "Mona Lisa."

"Betty Crocker in the kitchen / Late night when I need those carbs."

“You mixin' egg and flour in a bowl now / Givin' out slices, I feel left out.”

“I know when that timer ring / You start spreadin' dat frostin'.”


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