Multiple 'Drag Race' Season 14 contestants embraced their trans identity during the season.

Drag Race Season 14 Helped Many Queens Embrace Their Trans Identity, And Fans Love It

The power Kerri Colby has...


Season 14 of RuPaul’s Drag Race has quickly become one of the most special seasons for many LGBTQ+ communities, as it’s been revealed that more and more contestants competing for the crown are at different stages on a trans journey. Both Kerri Colby and Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté entered the Werk Room as openly trans women, and as the season has progressed, fans have been delighted to see three other queens embrace their trans identity thanks to their experiences on the show: Bosco, Jasmine Kennedie, and Willow Pill. The unprecedented trans takeover has inspired so much online love among the cast, other Drag Race queens, and fans of the show. Just take a look at all the tweets and memes about the trans Drag Race Season 14 queens to feel the love and have a little laugh.

As longtime Drag Race fans know, the series has had a rocky relationship with trans communities over the years. From offensive slurs to RuPaul himself making comments about not casting trans contestants, it’s been a long journey, but Season 14 is proof of how far the series has come in terms of trans representation. As the season has progressed, multiple contestants have announced they identify as trans, joining Kerri and Kornbread in the season’s trans sisterhood. Seattle drag demon Bosco was the first to publicly post about her tans journey, revealing she began hormone replacement therapy shortly after filming Drag Race.

As for the New York dancing diva Jasmine Kennedie, her moment of realization was actually filmed on Untucked, when she expressed to Kerri how much seeing her in the competition has helped her embrace her own identity as a trans woman.

Denver alt queen Willow also opened up about her gender exploration in Untucked, and then posted on March 3 that she identifies as trans femme using she/they pronouns.

The multiple announcements have been met with tons of love and support from fellow queens and fans of the show, and they’ve also inspired a lot of hilarious memes. The common denominator in most of these stories is Kerri Colby. Kornbread has said Kerri was one of the first people she told about her trans identity and Kerri helped her in her journey, and Jasmine’s adoration of Kerri is evident in her Untucked moment. Bosco also said being around Kerri and Kornbread helped her immensely in her journey, joking that Kerri has a superpower in an Entertainment Weekly interview: “It's like The Ring, but with transitioning. You meet [Kerri] and seven days later you get a call saying that you're going to have to start HRT. The power that woman has is insane.”

Most of the funniest memes echo Bosco’s joke, with the whole fandom in awe of Kerri’s trans powers.

Along with the Season 14 queens and fans, past Drag Race stars are also spreading the love and the memes online.

One of the most touching tributes came from All Stars 6 winner Kylie Sonique Love, the first openly trans woman to win the U.S. version of RuPaul’s Drag Race. (Angele Anang became the first-ever openly trans Drag Race winner when she won Season 2 of Drag Race Thailand in 2018).

Kylie reflected on how far the franchise and society as a whole has come since she first publicly said she’s trans in Drag Race Season 2’s reunion episode.

The show has certainly come a long way, and as all the online love for the Season 14 queens has shown, it’s clearly all the better for it.