Doja Cat calls out Noah Schnapp on TikTok for exposing her shooting her shot with 'Stranger Things' ...

Doja Cat Called Noah Schnapp Posting Her Private DMs "Snake Sh*t"

Things just keep getting stranger.

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In one of the most unexpected feuds of the year, Noah Schnapp found himself in a bit of hot water yet after posting a TikTok that exposed a private conversation with Doja Cat. On July 6, Schnapp posted a video on his TikTok that revealed Doja’s crush on his Stranger Things co-star, Joseph Quinn. Having a crush on Quinn isn’t surprising because his character Eddie Munson is a fan favorite, which Doja expressed in a tweet on May 30 that simply read: “joseph quinn is fine as sh*t.” What Doja didn’t express was permission for Schnapp to expose her shooting her shot, which she addressed in a July 7 live session on TikTok. Honestly, there’s a lot going on in this Doja Cat, Noah Schnapp, Joseph Quinn drama, so here’s a full explanation.

To recap, Doja reached out to Schnapp in his DMs and asked for him to pass along a message to his Stranger Things co-star Joseph Quinn: “Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu.” However, that message didn’t remain in Schnapp’s DMs. Schnapp shared the exchange in a TikTok video on July 6. The since-deleted TikTok Schnapp posted was short and sweet (or sour, you decide), highlighting the screenshot of their DM conversation to the tune of Doja’s hit “Boss B*tch.” While shooting her shot did indeed make her a boss b*tch, it embarrassed Doja, which she made clear in a 6-minute explanation of her feelings on TikTok live the day after Schnapp posted his video.

At first, Doja empathized with Schnapp and acknowledged that Schnapp is only 17. “To be fair, this is like a kid. Noah, I don't know how old he is, but he's not even over 21... When you're that young, you make mistakes, you do dumb sh*t.” Once she got that out of the way, Doja called Schnapp’s video was “socially unaware and whack.” She continued to express how the TikTok made her feel, saying she felt like the move was “borderline snake sh*it, that’s like weasel sh*t... and I’m not saying that encapsulates his entire personality... but I didn’t see him that way. I made an assumption that he was gonna be chill about it, and he went and shared information that I didn’t feel comfortable with him sharing.” Elite Daily reached out to Schnapp’s team for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.

There was a lot to unpack in Doja’s response on the live, most of which was her expressing her feelings about the situation: “I didn’t tell him not to post it because you don’t expect people to do that. Because it’s not normal to do that. It’s literally not cool and it’s not normal…. Yeah, like I’m bummed and I’m disappointed.” Ultimately, she landed on squashing the beef, even if it stung: “No it’s not that deep. It’s just disappointing.”

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Both Schnapp and Quinn haven’t responded to Doja’s live or addressed the way the situation has unraveled yet, but I’m lowkey holding onto a glimmer of hope that this may all end up with Doja and Quinn going on a date — stranger things have happened.

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