DJ Khaled Gets Lost At Sea And Snapchats The Entire Adventure

By now, we hope you're all aware of how epic DJ Khaled's Snapchat adventures are.

In his snaps, Khaled is always doling out wisdom, such as which soap leads to the most success, which cocoa butter is the best, or simply giving us "another one."

But, in his latest Snapchat story, Khaled shared with the world the frightening predicament he found himself in after going on one of his jet ski adventures.

At first, all is well, as you can see from his arrival at Rick Ross' house in Miami.

But, on his return jet ski home, Khaled misjudges the time and gets lost in the dark.

Even through his fear, Khaled once again gives out a perfect piece of advice:

It's dark, and in a minute there ain't gonna be no lights to navigate us where we need to go. The key is not to drive your jet ski in the dark.

Thankfully, Khaled eventually found his way home.

Now we can all rest easy knowing we will have more sage Snapchat advice from our beloved DJ Khaled soon.