DJ Khaled Finally Explains What He Does And Who He's Referring To As 'They'

By Julian Sonny

DJ Khaled has successfully spread his message to the youth via Snapchat, but what about a room of middle-aged women watching "The Ellen DeGeneres Show?"

The man-of-so-many-jobs-you-can't-even-name-one made an appearance on "Ellen" yesterday when he finally explained exactly what he does, his partnership with Jay Z and who exactly he is speaking upon when he refers to "they."

In the end, we still don't understand exactly what he does; however, when it comes to the whole "they" thing, it's pretty much just his way of referring to haters, which none of us are because we the best.

He told Ellen,

'They' is that one person in the room that when you get a raise and that one person in the corner be like, 'Man, I hate that person.' 'They' are the people that don't believe in you, that say you won't succeed. So, we stay away from 'they.'

Khaled also spoke about his deal with Apple Music, his love for egg whites and pretty much nonstop about himself.

But when you've reached the stature of someone like DJ Khaled, what else is there really to talk about?