8 DIY Wandavision Halloween Costume Ideas

What is Halloween if not fandoms persisting?

by Ani Bundel
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After 2020 was a full year off for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the franchise has returned to both big and small screens with a bang in 2021, with new titles arriving almost every six weeks like clockwork since January. It helped that the MCU’s return was spearheaded by WandaVision, one of the most creative series in the company’s history. For those looking to celebrate the show this Halloween, look no further than its genius costume designs. These DIY Wandavision Halloween costume ideas will take everyone back to Westview, although hopefully they won’t actually trap people there.

As Disney+'s first MCU series out of the gate, WandaVision had a tall order to tell a new story while still sticking to the familiar and show why this was a story that deserved nine episodes instead of a single two-hour blockbuster film. It did so by embracing the medium it was on, with Wanda and Vision taking a journey through TV sitcom history. Nearly every episode represents a new era in TV storytelling and visual aesthetics, often to hilarious and awe-inspiring effect.

There are multiple outfits to pick from across the decades for those looking to cosplay as Wanda, Vision, or one of the other major players in the show. Here are some of the standouts that are easiest for fans to recreate this Halloween.

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Wanda Maximoff 1950s WandaVision Halloween Costume

Marvel Studios

Wearing a look from Wanda’s black-and-white life means you can pick whichever colors you want, but those looking to be true to the show should try and make Wanda’s 1950s A-line dress and apron in the blue-green family. Don’t forget the pearls and wig, but magic floating recipe cards are non-essential.

Wanda Maximoff 1970s WandaVision Halloween Costume

Marvel Studios

The joy of this one is that it works for both pregnant and non-pregnant folks, since Wanda goes through her first, second, and third trimester, plus postpartum, in the space of 22 minutes. For those looking to do a bump-centric costume, it's a perfect fit. For those who don’t, feel free to grab a couple of baby dolls and carry them around instead.

Wanda Maximoff 1990s WandaVision Halloween Costume

Marvel Studios

What’s more Halloween than dressing as a character dressed for Halloween? Even though the MCU finally gave Wanda an official Scarlet Witch costume, let’s face it, her DIY version is something we can all make work.

Vision 1960s WandaVision Halloween Costume

Marvel Studios

When it comes to making costumes of characters in costume, Vision has multiple options. For those who find his Vision superhero costume too tacky, go instead with his 1960s magician standards. But maybe skip a live Mr. Scratchy the rabbit and opt for a stuffed bunny instead.

Vision 1980s WandaVision Halloween Costume

Marvel Studios

Of all of Vision’s outfits, his button-down, checkered shirt and jeans look from the 1980s is the easiest to recreate.

Vision 2000 WandaVision Halloween Costume

Marvel Studios

Although there are several options for the final Vision hours, the one everyone remembers best is Zaddy Vision in his tight turtleneck. For this, you will def need the Vision mask.

Agatha WandaVision Halloween Costume

Marvel Studios

There are several Agnes looks throughout the decades, but there’s only one Agatha Harkness outfit, and it’s her witchy Salem togs. Go all-out and make sure to sing your theme song wherever you go. It’s a banger.

Monica Rambeau WandaVision Halloween Costume

Marvel Studios

Likewise, Monica gets a superhero look by the show’s end, but it’s not a proper introduction, and fans already assume Marvel will update it for 2022’s The Marvels. In this case, it’s best to stick with the classic FBI and SWORD look of pre-superhero Monica.

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