These 'Game Of Thrones' Night King Costume Ideas Will Win Any Halloween Party

by Ani Bundel

Halloween is a time to scare, the night before All Saint's Day on November 1st. it's a time where we honor the stuff of nightmares before the dawn. In olden times, these were limited to ghosts and witches. But as our culture landscape changes, we add frights from movies and television. From mummies and Dracula in the 1920s to clowns in 2017, it's always about what scares us now. And nothing is more terrifying than the Night King in Game of Thrones. But how to pull him off? We've got a few ideas for Night King Halloween costumes for you to try this year.

Before you dress up as the Night King though, be prepared for at least one book nerd to call you out as not being the real Night's King from the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. That's because the Night King is a shownly creation -- we have yet to meet the Big Bad who leads the White Walkers beyond the Wall in the books, but as far as we can tell, if and when he shows up, he'll be called "The Great Other"or some such.

As for what he looks like, nobody knows. So turn to that person trying to outnerd you and give them your best piercing stare. Speaking of piercing stares, that brings us to our first idea.

Night King With LED Eyes


The Night King was first introduced in Season 4, when Bran had his first communing with a weir tree and experiences his first major visions. There, the Night King was have obscured behind a wall of ice. But not two episodes later, we saw his face for real, as he turned Craster's child offering into a White Walker.

One of the most engrossing things about both the Night King and the baby: The glowing blue eyes. Not just blue contacts, but glowing blue eyes. Also, note how much less wrinkled his face is in this shot. If one were planning to freehand draw the Night King look, this isn't a bad place to aim for, especially if you can rig up blue LEDs. Here's one cosplayer's how to.

The Full Commitment Night King


You know they make full on Night King silicone masks you can buy right? You can find gently used ones on eBay, or you can pay $$$ for an original if you'd like. But for those who can't afford such things, or just aren't willing to go all out with a full head-and-neck mask, there are other ways to go full commitment.

The face is grey blue, the color of dirty ice. You don't need all the lines once you've painted yourself that color, a few on the cheeks and forehead, following your own natural laugh and worry lines will easily suffice.. The horn corwn can easily be made with a circlet with horns painted in the same make up color attached.

It's the costume that matters then, and with the kind of stiff rolled squares, we would recommend a rigid black plastic mesh, like they sell gardeners to protect their trees. Cut the right shapes, with black teeshirts, black loose corgo pants and black armwarmers. You're set!

The Night King "Before"


If painting yourself blue sounds like the utter worst, may we suggest going as the Night King "Before" look? Toussled hair and a gag in your teeth are easy. No shirts please, though if you're like to have a shard of dragon glass halfway into your chest over your heart, that's a pretty good idea. Leather bonds for your wrists and plain black pants tucked into boots, and you're set.

Bonus if you can go as a couple with someone who wants to play leaf and stab you over and over all night.