These 'Game Of Thrones' Jon Snow Costume Ideas Will Win Any Halloween Party

by Ani Bundel

Halloween is coming, and for those who want to dress up as their favorite heroes, why go for the usual choices of Batman or Superman? Let us suggest instead that you try a different sort of hero, one who has learned from his mistakes, taken a dagger for his people, and risen again for reasons no one can adequately explain, other than "the books say so." We're talking about the character about to be Formerly Known as Jon Snow, Real Westerosi Hero™. Here are some DIY Jon Snow Halloween costume ideas that you can easily pull off this Halloween.

Before we get too much further, we need to talk about two very important thing: the hair and the cape. Many of these images we're about to present are capeless so you can see the under outfit, but all should be accessorized with a black cape with fur trim if possible. If he's Season 1, the cloak's fur is white trim. If he's a Night's Watchman, it's black trim, and if he's left the night's watch to become King in the North, it's brown trim.

Then there's the hair. So many Jon Snow looks are ruined by bad wigs. Don't let this happen to you, boys. Head over to Amazon and come away looking like there's a secret hair salon that travels with you where ever you may roam.

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On to the costumes.

Jon Snow, Pilot Look


Prior to joining the Night's Watch, Jon Snow mostly wears brown. Brown lace up vests, brown tunic skirts, brown boots, all very easy to find at your local renaissance festivals right now. Note the little frilly collars! Those were cut after the pilot sadly, but if you're going for accurate, they're where it's at.

Jon Snow, Baby Crow


Once Jon Snow arrives at Castle black, it's all black leathers, all the time. Black lace up vest over black long sleeves, black tunic skirt, black pants, black boots. The trash can-looking practice armor is a stand out moment from the first season -- if you're so inclined, we say go for it. Just make it out of something a little more sturdy than cardboard. Painted plastic will work, and even protect you a bit should a Night King attack the party.

Jon Snow, Rebel


Season 3, Jon Snow spent the entire year as a wildling. He still wore all black (instead of the patchy fur look other wildlings sport), just thicker and woollier. Don't forget the Ikea rug furs!

Jon Snow, Lord Commander


What cracks me up is that Jon Snow's Lord commander outfit. Nearly the exact same look, just with the Ikea run turned the other way. The leathers are nicer (and thinner) and he's got crisscross belting across the chest -- which did nothing to prevent stab wounds.

Jon Snow, of House Stark


Jon first real move away from all that is in Season 6, when he goes after Ramsay Bolton. This shot is from The Battle of the Bastards, but it's what he's been wearing all season. The brown studded vest is over navy blue long sleeves and a brown tee shirt, with matching gauntlets. The tunic skirt is also brown, and easy to find at your local Renn fest. Muddy it up if you want to be a battle hardened Snow, and put that wig in a bun!

Jon Snow, King In The North


Jon Finally dresses like a wildling! This is an Ikea special. Go and get their natural fur rugs -- not their black ones -- and make yourself a patchwork outfit. Cover with a heavy version of the cloak he always wears and declare yourself so King of the North, you can survive under icy water for 10-15 minutes.

Jon Snow, Aegon Targaryen


Jon Snow's nicest, most cleaned up look -- and this is the outfit he's always wearing under the fancy cloak this season. This time, it's a black tunic with brown under shirt with long sleeves (a henley will do), a black tunic skirt and brown pants, with high boots. The armor breast plate will be the hardest, but if you can find a plain version at a Renn fest and then draw or stamp the wolf heads on it, you're set. Don't forget to put your wig in a nice manbun, and to ask the lady you're attracted to about her reproductive health in public.