DIY Beauty & The Beast Costumes To Try This Halloween


We have no doubt that Beauty & The Beast costumes are going to be huge this October. The live-action version of the Disney classic became a huge hit this past year and we have never met a child of the '90s who isn't a fan of original animated version. Seriously, we question anyone who doesn't love this movie. But we can't all be Emma Watson or have a world-renowned Oscar-winning costume designer on hand for the occasion, so what about some DIY Beauty & the Beast costumes? If you want to get your Belle on or even your Mrs. Potts, there's inspiration around practically every corner. You don't need an enchanted wardrobe to make this work, guys.


Belle is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Well, actually, it's as easy as dress, apron, bow. One trick to making your own costume is getting stuff you might use again, because who wants to throw everything in a closet and hope they'll get another costume party invitation in the old inbox in the near future? Don't count on it and take charge.

This blue tank number is honestly cool as can be and might be your next summer go-to, but it also doubles as the foundation for your super cute Belle look:

DB Moon/Amazon

TBH, I always say "I'm totally gonna buy an apron" and then I don't make it a priority. Now's a good time to get one, wear it as Belle, and then hang it in the kitchen. DIY Belle. Clean hands. Can't lose. Bonus points for you if you already have one lying around or you were a French Maid at another point and you still have the apron lying around in that drawer that has now taken on the role as a Halloween costume graveyard.


And now, for the piece-de-resistance. See, we're getting in character already! You'll need a bow, so if you have some blue ribbon left over in your gift-wrapping stuff, that should do it. BF has a blue bow tie? Pop that sucker in your low pony. And remember: Goodwill, the local consignment shop, or the corner drugstore are all your friends. You never know what you'll find.

Lumiere and Cogsworth

Excuse me, but paper cups, face paint, and gold ribbon appear to work wonders when it comes to making a sweet Lumiere and/or Cogsworth. You don't need to buy something -- just cut out what you need from craft sources you've got on hand or that are readily available. May we suggest a cake board as the base for Cogsworth's clock necklace?


And don't be intimidated by Christian Siriano when it comes to Lumiere and Babette, although any inspo from a professional is probably good inspo.

Mrs. Potts

It would be awesome to achieve this super legit teapot costume look a la Rebel Wilson at the VMAs, but that seems like a lot of work. Or does it?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

You can always cut out the shape of a teapot from a cardboard box and wear it like a sandwich board sign. Put on a beret to top it all off as your "lid," and voila. And as always, Etsy has the lazier people covered. That hat and a pouffy tutu pretty much does the job. Plus, your head won't be cold.


Have black boots? Khaki pants? A red sweater with a beige collared polo under it? Congrats. You're Gaston. This costume is really all about the wig and the attitude. If you've got "biceps to spare" then you're halfway there, but that's not really necessary.

When it comes to costumes, and you can always think outside the box, too. What a hero.

So many possibilities... May we suggest Belle & Sebastian? You know, like the band, except one of you can be the Beauty and the Beast princess and the other can be the crab from The Little Mermaid? You'd have to explain it, but maybe it's worth it for your indie rock friends. Or not. Or there's always Beauty and the Beastie Boys? A great group costume with some '80s hip-hop flair. OK, now we're getting ahead of ourselves... Carry on and let the Halloween planning commence.