There's A New Disney Movie About Snow White's Sister In The Works

Hollywood has seen its fair share of Snow White interpretations over the past century but has yet to tackle the tale of the princess's sister, Rose Red.

Rose Red originally had her own story line in "Grimms' Fairy Tales." When screenwriter Justin Merz's script for "Red" was chosen by Disney, the script kept Rose Red's narrative separate from Snow White's as the original tale did, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

However, fellow screenwriter Evan Daugherty, who penned the screenplay for "Snow White and the Huntsman," suggested Disney link Rose's and Snow's storylines, bringing the former into the latter's dwarf-centric adventure. In this reimagining of the story, Red joins the seven dwarves on a hunt for a cure to her sister's poison apple-induced coma.

Tripp Vinson's production company, Vinson Films, will help bring this fairytale to theaters for Disney, along with "Aladdin" prequel "Genies" and "Prince Charming," which features the backstory of the classic hero.

Get your capes and crowns, guys. It's about to get almost absurdly magical.

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