This Tiny Detail In The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Premiere Could Spell Hope For Jorah


In the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones, things are actually going pretty well for everyone. Arya got her revenge on the Freys, Jon Snow is in power in Winterfell, and Daenerys has arrived in Dragonstone to begin her war for the Iron Throne.

But there's one major character who is in a really bad place. We only see Dany's former right-hand man Jorah Mormont for a quick second, but that's more than enough to show us how badly he's deteriorated from the greyscale that he was afflicted with last season.


So yeah, it's really not looking good for Jorah. But luckily for him, he's in the care of Samwell Tarly, who seems to actually be on the verge of curing Westeros' most devastating disease.

One Redditor snapped a screenshot of the book Sam was going through on Sunday night's episode, and it looks like it could contain the cure for Jorah's illness: dragonglass.

The pages describe the mysterious substance as a possible cure-all for the incurable diseases in Westeros, so it sounds like Sam's going to be trying out some dragonglass on Jorah pretty soon, and hopefully, it'll return him back to his old self.


There are some other instances in the show that support this theory about dragonglass being effective against greyscale. Most notably, Stannis' daughter Shireen was able to keep her greyscale from spreading and killing her, which could have been because she lived on an island made of dragonglass.


Given that Jorah is calling out for his Dragon Queen, who just so happened to arrive on the island that helped keep Shireen's greyscale manageable, things might start looking up for Jorah in the near future. If Jorah can make it to his queen's side at Dragonstone, it's likely that he'll be back to good health.

Let's just hope Sam puts the pieces together and lets Jorah out of his cell soon.