Demi Lovato's Music Video Is A 'Stone Cold' Reminder Of Past Heartbreak

by Kendall Wood

Demi Lovato has been getting our attention more than ever lately.

The 23-year-old singer stunned us with her live performance of "Stone Cold" on "Ellen" in early February and followed it up with her powerhouse vocals during the Lionel Richie tribute at the 58th Grammy Awards that left the honoree himself in awe.

On Tuesday, Demi released the music video to accompany her most recent hit, "Stone Cold," and it's left us chilled to the bone.

The video takes place both in a bathtub, which is seemingly cold, and on top of a snow-covered mountaintop, also very cold.

Demi delivers a dramatic, emotion-fueled performance in the video, helping viewers further feel the underlying pain of the song.

If you haven't heard the track, off Demi's fifth studio album, Confident, it's time to get the proper introduction.

Watch the full video above, and prepare to be reminded of the pain of loves lost -- in the most eerily romantic way.