Demi Lovato May Have Picked A Side In Taylor Swift's Feud With Calvin Harris

by Anna Menta
Sepp Dasbach

Wherever there is celebrity drama, there is also Demi Lovato. I'm pretty sure that's in the Bible.

If you haven't been following the Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift breakup drama of the century, you're really missing out. It's better than television.

And you know who's definitely been keeping up with the feud? Demi Lovato.

On Thursday, after some of the dust had settled from Calvin's epic Twitter takedown of Taylor on Wednesday, Demi followed Calvin Harris on Twitter.


(Note: I also think it's awesome that Demi is apparently a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Demi, what's your favorite "Hamilton" song? )

So, perhaps we can safely assume that Demi is on #TeamCalvin, then?

Would anyone really be surprised? She does have a history of fighting with Taylor in the past, so the two probably aren't on the best of terms.

On the other hand, a quick scroll through Demi's follows reveals that Tay was actually one of the first people she followed on Twitter.


So, maybe she was just evening things out?

I still suspect she's on Team Calvin, though. I would pay good money to see the DMs between those two.

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