14 Times Demi Lovato Was A Total Goofball And We Loved Her For It

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I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Demi Lovato is a WEIRDO.

This girl gives zero f*cks what anyone thinks about her, and that's why we adore her. She's never afraid to be her true self, she's unapologetically honest AND she's always acting like a total goofball.

I think one of the greatest reasons people love (and connect to) Demi so much is that she's so damn relatable.

Yes, her voice is incredible. Yes, her music is inspiring. Yes, her fashion sense is on fleek.

But the thing is, she's not perfect. Demi embraces her flaws and imperfections with open arms, proving to all of us she too is human.

Below, check out 14 times Demi was a total goofball. She's weird, funny and ACTUALLY just like us. UGH, Demi, we f*cking love you. God bless your silly soul.

1. When she did this super freaky photo shoot in the snow and looked like some sort of human-tree hybrid.


2. There was that time she stuck two tampons up her nose because she had a cold. LOOKING GOOD, GIRLFRIEND.

3. Oh, and let's not forget when she Instagrammed this beautiful photo of her and Nick with morphed alien heads. REAL CUTE, YOU GUYS.

4. How about when she got her hair done and made this super attractive face?

5. Or when she was a total dork and posed with a kangaroo statue?

6. Oh, you KNOW we have to talk about this little 4/20 collage. Demi, did you photoshop this yourself?!

7. I don't even have words for this one. She's a goddess, end of story.

8. She also takes the silliest photos with her chapstick. The girl loves her moisturizer, OK?

9. Like, REALLY loves it. Show off that chapstick, Demi. Do your thing.

10. Plus, she's the queen of throwback memes. Even baby Demi was a goofball.

11. And have I mentioned her selfies? JUST LOOK AT THIS.



14. But most of all, Demi wins for giving the ALL-TIME GREATEST RESPONSE to this interview question:

...And your favorite dish?

To which Demi replies,

I like mugs.


Peace, love, Demi Lovato (and her mugs).