The Death Odds For 'GOT' Season 7 Are Here & We’re Reading Them Through Our Fingers

by Ani Bundel

This Friday marks the last weekend before Game of Thrones returns to our televisions. As is tradition, this is the weekend when bookies and betting sites release their odds as to who will survive the coming season, and which characters bettors are currently voting "Most Likely To Die."

Last year's bets were spot on for some characters, with Ramsay near the top of the rankings as one who would not live to see Season 7. Others were more off the mark -- Jorah Mormont was heavily favored to kick it, but instead, Dany sent him away to get cured.


With that in mind, let's run down this year's rankings:

Who Will Die in Season 7 Ellaria Sand - 1/7 Euron Greyjoy - 1/5 Theon Greyjoy - 1/4 Petyr Baelish - 2/7 Melisandre - 1/2 Cersei Lannister - 5/6 Jamie Lannister - 11/4 Tyrion Lannister - 5/1 Jon Snow - 6/1 Daenerys Targaryen - 8/1

Ellaria Sand's standing at the top of the rankings might seem a bit odd, but remember, the SandSnakes are very disliked characters. If there was a lieutenant in Team Targ who the show could dump early and often, and with little complaint, it's her.

Both male Greyjoys are also wearing their welcome out. The only one anyone wants to see survive is Yara.

Littlefinger is like the cockroach of Westeros. We're all hoping Sansa decides to step on him. Melisandre is another survivor whose sudden death would shock but probably not surprise.

Of our main characters, Cersei has the lowest survival odds. We lose one main character every year it seems. (That is, when we don't lose two or three, or an entire Sept full of them.) Cersei is slightly more likely to die than Jaime, but not by much. Perhaps that's why both are dropping loud hints they might not see the final six episodes?

Then there's the "Who Dies First" rankings:

Who Will Die First in Season 7 Petyr Baelish - 1/1 Ellaria Sand - 4/1 Euron Greyjoy - 6/1 Gregor Clegane - 6/1 Melisandre - 7/1 Cersei Lannister - 8/1 Arya Stark - 10/1 Jaime Lannister - 12/1 Tyrion Lannister - 33/1 Jon Snow - 100/1 Daenerys Targaryen - 100/1

Interesting that Arya Stark, who doesn't make the original list, is midpack here, just behind Cersei. Does that sugges those betting on Cersei's demise assume it will be Arya taking her down?

As for Littlefinger at the top of these rankings, I'm afraid that's probably all of us doing a whole lot of wishful thinking. Littlefinger may indeed go down before the season is over. But I think it will take Sansa at least a few episodes to reach that decision, and then a couple more to carry out her plan.

If I was a betting woman, my money would be on Sand to go first from this list.

We'll find out next week! Game of Thrones returns Sunday July 16, at 9 p.m. ET.