Dean Rejected A Date With One Of The Twins On 'BIP,' Everyone Still Hates Him Anyway

by Anna Menta

Has anyone in all of Bachelor Nation ever ruined their reputation as quickly and efficiently as Dean Unglert has? Because in a matter of four weeks, Dean has gone from fan favorite to fan enemy on Bachelor in Paradise. In Episode 8, Dean's f*ckboyness was once again put to the test: Emily Ferguson, of the Ferguson twins fame, asked him on the date. And though Dean rejected the date with the twin, it seems that gesture isn't enough for Bachelor Nation to stop hating Dean for what he did to Kristina.

This week Bachelor in Paradise saw several new contestants, including Emily and Haley Ferguson, AKA the twins from Ben's season of The Bachelor. Both of them are as annoying as they ever were, and both seemed confident they could bag any guy they wanted, despite joining so late in the season. Emily, in particular, seemed determined to get Dean on a date, despite warning from other contestants that he had just been through hella girl drama. So Emily cornered Dean and asked -- no, demanded -- that he accompany her on a date.

At first I was sure Dean would say yes. We already know, after all, that he's a f*ckboy, and he started saying things like, “Well, I'm not in a committed relationship,” and “Emily's really hot.” But then he saw reason: He literally just dumped Kristina to be with Danielle, so if he's just going to date other women, what was that even for? Dean explained to Emily that while he thought she was very beautiful, he just couldn't go on a date with her right now.


Emily was not at all happy with this answer — so she stormed off to talk to Danielle, to demand D-Lo let Dean go. D-Lo said that who Dean dated was totally up to Dean, so Emily marched back to Dean, certain he would say “yes” now. Unfortunately, Dean's answer was still nah. Almost as if D-Lo wasn't the only thing that made Dean not want to date Emily! Emily was furious, and after a few attempts to literally force Dean to change his mind, she stormed off to try to seduce the Tickle Monster.

Haley was also denied a date from Derek, leaving the twins to conclude by saying “D-Lo's hot if you enjoy talking to a wall," and that Dean and Derek were dating “shallow ugly whores.” Huh, maybe no one wants to date these twins because of their personality? Just a thought! Finally the twins tried to take out Jack Stone, but he, too, backed out of the date at the last minute. Disgraced, the twins went home, having not snagged a single date.

At least they seem to have some regrets? Emily tweeted on Tuesday while the episode aired,

@Hfergie11 and I apologize in advanced America...not the twins you will want to see this episode. We deserve any and all the hate

Well, that's something. Meanwhile, fans definitely still hate Dean for what he did to Kristina. Sure, he turned down a date with Emily but like… literally so did everyone else. Try harder, bud!