Dave Grohl Brings Drunk, Tearful Fan On Stage To Sing 'My Hero'

Music and alcohol make a potent mix. This was evident at a recent Foo Fighters concert at Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Dave Grohl, who recently broke his leg, was performing one of the band's classics, "My Hero," when he spotted an emotional fan in the crowd and summoned him to the stage.

The frontman had just launched into a mid-song speech when he spotted the man, whose name is Anthony. Grohl said,

Don’t cry, motherf*cker. I know you’re drunk. Don’t cry. Are you crying right now? You’re f*cking crying, aren’t you? I love you, man ... look at you, holy sh*t. You know what, f*ck that speech I was just going to make. I’m singing this sh*t to you right now. I’m gonna sing this f*cking song right in your face, man to man, prison-style. I’m going man to man. Me and you, I want some real tears ... you better sing it with me. Don’t make me cry, because I promised I wouldn’t do this.

Watch the full video of the awesome performance below. Grohl's encounter with Anthony begins at the 2:38 mark.

Dave Grohl has always been a class act, so this moment is no surprise.

Last month, a group of 1000 musicians assembled in Cesena, Italy to play an amazing cover of the band's classic "Learn to Fly." They requested the Foo Fighters play a concert for them. Not long after, Grohl thanked the musicians and agreed without hesitation.